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Untouched nature

Under the concept of recycling involves processing is already used material to be used again in the same or similar purposes.

The famous saying in English "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" suggests a logical sequence which should serve in the process of reducing our ecological footprint. Specifically, we should first try to reduce the amount of waste produced, then that's something that was intended for the trash can again use and that he finds alternative purpose, and in the end if it turns out that it may not again be used to dispose of recycling.

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Recycled Pallet Furniture Ideas

[Caution:] When we look at the palette often see the IPPC logo or stamp on them. Chemically treated pallets have a planted "MB" mark, heat-treated pallets are stamp "HT" - do not use the MB-treated pallets. Heat treated pallets are much more common. Also, make sure the pallet is made of pressed wood and pallets will have an odd green tint to them. Never use a palette of pressed wood inside and outside use discreetly.

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Club desk from pallet

All the ideas and details and the idea is minimalist brown table that can be very easy to make and decorate according to taste. The materials needed wooden palaces and plastic wheels. It is easy and interesting project that can be really useful, decorative on the inside. Can be combined with glass, paint or leave primary color wood...

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Steven Schven of earthlings Path Organic Farm (Lake Citi, Minnesota) has built an innovative greenhouse that allows him to expand during the growing season while reducing energy costs.

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The transformation before your eyes


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